The passion of shooting has been with us since the early years of childhood. The intense world of concentration and the deep instinct of hunting. Both combining into a deeply satisfying experience.

Air guns being ‘the natural choice of shooting weapon’ as a kid. The thought of air moving a tiny object with precision. The feeling hitting where you intend to. The low level of noise. The relative low risk when pellets stray. Low cost of ammunition. And no need of a gun license for the airborne caliber of 4.5 mm.

In the Shop of Hunting Air we only sell air guns we would want to own.
The selection of guns is based on what we consider a good buy in different price ranges with various needs. Not saying it is the best choice within a certain price range. But saying what we would pick for that kind of money.
We try to have a good deal of upgrade possibilities available for each gun. In short: We stick to a few classics (hopefully) and grow with them as they take us on different journeys all together.

We chose to make a Forum for Hunting Air. Made to share knowledge and inspire each other, and make you want to come back of course. Here you can find help in choosing (and tuning) your air gun. You can easily end up in another shop making your buy. Or not. No matter – let the forum know how you and your new air gun get along.

Behind the doors you will find the blog area of Hunting Air. Every now and then we will be posting tests and tutorials in that section. They will be dedicated to the few chosen guns here at Hunting Air.
Night hunting for rats on farms is one of our favorite shooting sessions. And the mother of this site. All build on passion.
You may want to get a glimpse of rat shooting in Field trip?